Fun Fact:

We have 25 different dog breeds within our club;

-All American

-Australian Cattle Dog

-Australian Shepherd

-Basset Hound

-Bearded Collie


-Belgian Malinois

-Belgian Tervuren

-Border Collie

-Boston Terrier


-Cairn Terrier

-Cocker Spaniel


-Golden Retriever


-Jack Russell Terrier

-Labrador Retriever

-Miniature Schnauzer

-Norwich Terrier


-Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

-Standard Schnauzer

-West Highland White Terrier

-Yorkshire Terrier

About Ozarks Mischief Barn hunt

OMBH (Ozark Mischief Barn Hunt) started with a group of people who wanted to have fun with their dogs in November of 2014. We had our first official practice in January of 2015. We have grown at a pace that no one, including us, expected. Our first trial was held in January 2016. We host seminars, fun tests, practices and trials. See our practice page for the current practices we have, the trials page for the trial we are working on and join our facebook group called Ozarks Mischief Barn Hunt Group.

Ozarks Mischief Barn Hunt Board Members:

President - Jennifer

Vice President - Christan

Event Secretary - Emily

Practice Secretary - Janet

Treasurer - Misty

Head Rat Queen- Stephanie

Head Course Builder - Dan and Glenn

Tech Guy - Matt

Click on the link Below to check out the Official Barn hunt website. There, you can read up on the rules, get your dog registered , look up upcoming trials in your area, etc.