Jennifer: My favorite Ouzo story. I thought I had killed her. I was opening the yogie bag and as I got one out she leaped and snatched it. Problem is she leaped into the air and fell flat to the floor from the cage. She laid there in a ball and didn't move. Heart thumping...I thought she was dead. Picked her up...alas..she was fine and the yogie was SAFE! She was curled protectively around it. No one messes with Ouzo's yogies

Sangria, Martini and Amaretto

In Memoriam of our Animal Friends

Emily: " My favorite story about her is when you would give the other Ratties food they would go stash it and then come back for more. Not creamy, she would just go eat the other Ratties stashes. And everyone let her. She was my kind of rat"

We let Sangria, Martini and Amaretto go. Tumors got the best of Sangria and Martini and Amaretto suffered a stroke, we believe, and was having seizures. Martini and Sangria were the original two that taught me how great rats can be. Amaretto and Ouzo joined them shortly. Ouzo left us this summer and now they are all back together. These four cleared the way for many other rats to join my home. Goodbye sweet girls. Thanks for the unconditional love you gave.

As a well spent day brings happy sleep,
so life well used brings happy death.
Leonardo DaVinci

​​Ouzo – The Ninja Rat
Dogs Feared Her or Hated Her


Affectionately Called Creeper