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There is the small group of people that keep the mischief running. These hard working men and women have full time jobs, but love to play with their dogs on the weekends.

Jennifer Kimberlin

On October 24, 2014, the BHA made a post on Facebook of a location in this area that would be good for barn hunt.  I commented and said I'd love to help get a club going in this area. a few weeks later I made a post to see if anyone was interested in starting a club with me.  The rest is history really.  We had a meeting at the end if November that same year.  About 10 people showed up and OMBH was born.  Besides myself, only 2 other people remain active in OMBH from the original group.  


Since then I have titled several dogs in barn hunt with 2 of them obtaining their RATCH.  I went from agreeing to keep 2 and only 2 rats to having 5 DCNs with more rats than I want to admit.  I'm very proud of the people that run OMBH and the atmosphere it creates.  Many people have come to OMBH being new to dog sports and now participate in many activities beyond barn hunt.  


I have titled in obedience, rally, herding, conformation, scent work, dock diving, barn hunt, and have experience in drafting. I remain active in rescue work and teach obedience classes at a local club.  I'm excited for what the future holds for OMBH

Emily Wright

I started Barn Hunt when Jennifer got a group of us together and said we needed to start a club in southwest Missouri. At that point I had never participated in any dog sports before and had no idea what I was doing. We divided up positions and she told me that secretary was taking notes at meetings and keeping us on task... Oh Boy was she wrong! I started with rescue mini schnauzers and we started out in my garage! Those were the good old days! We have grown significantly since then and so have I. I still have many of my rescues and I also have added purposefully bred Berger Picards to the mix. My mini's have been retired or found other passions and jobs and my Picards are the main hunters. I am still the club and trial secretary secretary. I am one of the people you will interact with that processes you entries for most of your trials. If you have a question about a trial it is probably me you are interacting with. We have gone from me micromanaging practices and trials out of my garage to renting a full time and others being in charge of practice and even secretary trials! I am excited about where the future will go for our club and invite you to be a part of this and what started like most good things do in a garage.

Janet Williams

I began attending practicing in 2015 with my perfect terrier "Petri." We had dabbled in other dog sports and our agility instructor recommend we try this.  After we went to our first practice in Emily's garage we were hooked!  Petri loves barnhunt! It has given us so much, including so many new friends!  Barn hunt is full of supportive people. Petri and I have grown so much as a team and have joined other great sports!

Christan Fowler

 I was looking for something fun for my westies to do and looking for dog friends, I found both, AND MORE. What I love about barn hunt is watching dogs who normally do formal activities (agility, obedience, rally and conformation) let go of everything they know and have a relaxed fun time. Barn hunt was a gateway sport that led my family to a long list of dog sports but it will always hold a special place with me. 

Daniel Wright

I've been a part of OMBH from the very beginning.  It is such a fun sport to do with your dogs. My first dog, Sirius, just retired and now I'm having fun with Peanut in master.  I love watching newbies participate in this sport.

Misty Bowen

My sister got me involved just to do the finances. Then I got a dog started and haven't looked back. I love to see the dogs work with their natural abilities and talents. It is amazing to see what dogs can do with their noses. Any dog. They just have to have a nose.

Heather Ferrier

I joined barnhunt after talking to Jennifer about my socially awkward dachshund mix, Opal.  I went to one practice, then Riddoc and I went to a fun test, and we were hooked!  Opal might not be the mightiest hunter around, but we love working together and her social skills have greatly improved! Anytime I get to hang out with my kids (both 2 and 4 legged ones) is time well spent!!

Angela Nelson

Ranger and I happen to come upon OMBH group and a dog festival downtown Springfield and we had never done anything like this before. Within minutes they were able to really get me and Ranger engaged in the sport. After that we went to a few practices and it was game on. Ranger's a belgian malinois who is very active so he does a lot of running and 5ks with me but he needed more. What I like about this sport is that he gets his mind and his nose working not just his body. Ever since we started barn hunting he's overall just become a better dog, because we've given him an outlet to express what he's supposed to do, use that nose and hunt! What I love about this sport is any dog, any size, disability, and shape can do it. I've met some amazing people along the way and they have really educated me on so much more than just the sport. I encourage everyone to give this sport a try, I think you would be surprised how much your dog can do!

Karl Cuschieri

I got started with Barn Hunt before I even had a dog yet. I came to the practices and fell right in with helping out and learning. Once I got a dog, it was a no brainer to get him in the ring for the fun. We really enjoy working together and learning to trust each other finding rats. And the rats are pretty awesome too.



I got involved with barn hunt because my mom does it. I really enjoy meeting all the people and their dogs and watching them work as a team. This is a really great activity to start with if you haven't ever done a sport before. It has really helped me and both my dogs come out of our shell. Because of barn hunt I have been able to participate in many other dog activities.


My name is Blaire but in barn hunt I am called T.H. (short for tiny human) I'm in barn hunt because my mom and sister are. I love barn hunt because all of my favorite people do it. I don't have a dog of my own yet (my mom is working on it) so I just help with hiding rats at practice and keeping everyone on their toes.



I started barnhunting with my mom.  At first I hunted with my mom's dog, Boondock, and even though his main thought was getting back to my mom, it was still fun getting those Qs.  This led to my parents to letting me get my own dog, and within 6 months of our first fun test, I was gifted with my favorite girl, Ziggy.  It’s been such an amazing year barnhunting with her! I love spending time traveling with Ziggy and my mom and getting to do the things we enjoy doing together.

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