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What is barn hunt?

Barn hunt is a dog sport created in Columbia Missouri where dogs of all ages compete to find rats in safe aerated tubes. During a competition, a dog must climb all four feet on a bale of straw, go through a tunnel and find a designated number of rats. The rats are kept safe in hard PVC tubes. As dogs progress, each level gets more difficult. Learn more at

Ready to join us?

Go to the Practice page to see all the practices and events we have coming up. Find the day that works for you. You must sign up for practice because we have limited space. To sign up click on the RSVP button to register. 

Ready to trial?

First step is registering with the the Barn Hunt Association. Click on "Register Dogs" and follow the steps. Once you are registered, you can start going to trials. 

Find a trial?

Our trials are listed on the events page. All trials are listed at When you find the trial you want to enter, click on it from the "Events Calendar" on the website. There will be a link to "Create Mail in Mail in Entry form." This will fill in all your dog's information from your registration. Just mail it to the secretary listed on the form       

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